What if we stayed golden, ponyboy?

By January 24, 2021 October 29th, 2022 Food for thought, Pandemic Thoughts

I think it’s funny we’re all like yeah poor Meghan Markle and every other public figure out there’s public sharing of mental health and yet here we are having comedians carry bloody decapitations that look like our presidents head. And make fun of his wife who is an immigrant, gorgeous and speaks five languages. For a minute I thought she might replace cardi B on the covers of crap.

Then there’s their son, who may or may not have some type of spectrum. There’s been rumor but no confirmation yet I know his Dad is fighting big pharma like a beast and forcing all kinds of transparency of what as our president he knows what they know.

And we know they know. We can all agree on that. Just like we all agree that George Floyd’s death should have been avoided and must be in the future.

Who are you and where did you get your bricks!?!

If we would put down the race, gender, orientation, career, climate and political cards for one fricking minute and ask ourselves one major question-

1. What if the Golden rule is the first rule, and the second is living authentically?

First rule of Fight Club quote reference

Would politicians lie to we the people?

Would big business knowingly dump poisons into our earth and water systems?

Would big pharma know what’s really in the pills and vaccines or do the right thing to wean people off?

Would greedy old tie guys reinvest in the earth and people they’re stripping everything out of with poor labor?

Would people hurt other people?

Would people burn and pillage cities?

Would politicians pay and ask them to?

Would homelessness exist?

Would cancer exist?

Would we condemn and judge others for ratings?

Would sex trafficking exist?

Would this virus pandemic exist?

Would we all agree everyone’s past is paved with pain that forced evolution into being better each decade?

Would our intentions to divide end?

Would mega rich and mega diverse celebrities step out of their guarded, sprawling mansions with security long enough to actually see who we all are and how we relate?

Would our votes count and be legal?

Would drugs and oppression still live in pockets of ever city in every state?

If we did to others what we would want done to ourselves and lived in real skin of ourselves, we wouldn’t need a president or government to tell us what to do.

Imagine that world.

If we all United to do the right thing as humans and demand truth while living the Golden rule, we would change the world. Literally.

We live in a crooked cesspool of a us versus them rich elitists with platforms to control. And they’re making us all consume it and live it and follow it and the only way we can fix this is to seek truth for all of us and agree that everything around us hasn’t been and is trying to force us to do the same with one another and I refuse.

Stop fighting. I don’t care what shade of skin you have, where you can from, who you want to have sex with (consenting adults only of course) where you work, how much money you have, what gender you are or want to be, or whatever else is keeping us distracted with fighting.

This is all forced on us and we need to tell all those athletes, celebrities, politicians, talk show hosts, actresses to shut up and go make a movie already. Go back to your sad, pathetic, miserable compound and tweet about your dinner again.

Your destroying all the people who would’ve bought your makeup or book or arena ticket because you’re a hypocrite who gets rich pretending.

Congrats. I make money working. And it ain’t a percent of yours. I’d like to decide how me and all my diverse friends and family feel about each other. And I want police. Just use all your money to quit bailing out criminals and create police training. Or make them civilian military and use more of my taxes to fund the training so you quit destroying our cities and using my taxes to clean up your bull shit.

Before thinking those previous thoughts are harsh regarding all our favorite performers, remember that they are performers. They require our consumption to pay for their lavish lifestyles.

Remember too, they live in a community we have no access to and it requires them to accept, acknowledge or even worse – participate in many horrible sex and slave scandals that they hide from us in order to sell themselves to get more performance jobs.

Antifa founder

All we have is one another my fellow Americans. Don’t let them take that away from us. It’s more valuable than gold.

Stay golden Ponyboy. Outsiders

Thanks for reading.


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