I double-dog dare you to disagree

By February 26, 2021 October 29th, 2022 Food for thought, Heather, Pandemic Thoughts

I started thinking about all the ways the media is trying to make each other hate each other while losing sight of the values that bind us together.

It’s down right head scratching maddening. And then I realized I bet everyone – no matter what ‘sides’ you decided to sign up for – I think you’d agree and question how we got here.

It wasn’t like this and we all know it. We all just want freedom and the American dream we painted on our definition canvas of #Winning.

Same Skies to thee so Shine

So there’s the first thing we can agree on. If we can agree with that one thing…

What else can we agree on?

What else can we all say – no matter what new issue we now realize that we hadn’t noticed before – has absolutely nothing to do with the color of skin, preferred political media of consumption or zip code and bring us together?

The more we can agree on the big stuff, the better off we are as one upper middle through the poverty bottom should be one team to try and fix it.

So let’s start agreeing on some big stuff.

Here’s the start to my list of all the things we can agree on, regardless of what color our skin is based on the generations our ancestors migrated away from Africa.

No matter who you are, can you agree with me about these universal ways that truly Unite us:

  1. Covid-19

That human designed virus has jacked up all of us, especially across the globe. You think America’s economy tanked from the shutdown? There’s suffrage we’ll probably never know about, especially in the trap shut, censored communism places.

The 99% survival rate, admittance to inaccuracy of tabulated numbers, false positive tests and all those who had it with no symptoms at all – is a genocidal destroyer full of collateral damage that we will be dealing with for years to come.

Ole’ Corona likes to tangle with every race. What a Bitch. I hope she goes away and never comes back like all the other stuff that always comes back. Like herpes, flus and the gout.

I’m guessing we all want the China lab to release the recipe, too. At least share data to kill it once and for all.

2. We don’t choose the bodies that carry our soul through life.

We don’t pick our heritage, gender, skin color or demographics. We also cannot predict when certain genetics occur via gestation.

The most amazing show to watch that explains every social issue we argue about is The Nine Months that Made You.

Talk about seeing this show and realizing what is nature and what is currently indoctrinated nurture and how to tell the difference.

Every soul is here to teach and be taught and serves a purpose that matters. Having fun with one another over stereotypes is way different than bullying with malicious intent. We used to be that way and now, everything is a sensitive issue of outcry. Oh, the horror.

3. We all get scared.

No matter what color your skin, you may feel a little uneasy about staying out in the wilderness in a cabin. Especially with horny camp counselors.

Or walking down a dark alley.

Or knowing you’re in a high crime area with barred windows, litter and people sleeping on sidewalks.

Or getting kidnapped and tortured and maybe some guy is trying to get you to sniff his perfume in the parking lot of Wal Mart.

4. We all get the Big C.

Cancer is pretty much Russian Roulette. Oh, wait, is that phrase racist? Let me say it another way.

Every decade our souls stay within the body we didn’t choose, we pulled the chamber and know one day, more than likely, the cancer bullet will hit us one way or another.

Maybe genetically. Maybe from drinking the water. Maybe from living near that chemical plant. Or that Landfill. Or that main electric grid. Or that windmill. Or that sunblock. Or that pill. Or that procedure.

We’re always discovering what we shouldn’t have exposed pockets of people too. It doesn’t matter what color you are.

We all of lost a loved one, fought our own battle or know stories of loss

5. We all have stress, anxiety, pain and heart scares

No matter what city we live in or what job we have the stress and anxiety of being a person making a living today will exist. No race card here.

What we choose to eat and how we burn off the stress in healthy ways affect us all too. Ask any foreigner that’s been here for a time and talk about all the weight, bad factory made food, over-sized portions do to them and how it reverses when they leave.

Usually by the time we are all 40 we have this discussion with our friends: “What blood pressure medication are you taking?”

5. Mental Health is taboo

No one wants to admit they’re possibly crazy, weak, tired or <enter term here>. Especially when we all know someone who knows someone who has a family member that checks in somewhere every few years and is very eccentric.

Until it’s talked about and viewed as someone who’s off balance and needs a plan to get back in sync with wherever they’re off – physcial, spiritual, emotional, <enter term here> so they can find a path to healthy mental outlook and able to process all the symptoms to find the root causes – we won’t get better.

That’s all I got for tonight. Please add more things we can all agree on so we can all start agreeing on stuff and get over the differences that for all we know are a full crock of horse shit.

Thanks for reading,


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