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Thank you, Pitbull. I can’t believe it took nearly five months to stumble upon this truth he spoke openly last fall. His wisdom on the double standards and how many CEO’s ‘buy low and sell high’ validates my thought of why more influencers like Pitbull need to speak out, regardless of the short-term ramifications NOW.

Perhaps he believes it’s time to buy low and bet on more than 75 million of of who will support him for standing tall.

We know at least 75 million adults were counted who voted for the Americans First movement versus selling us out overseas. The 75 million of us who are hopeful that together, we can finally get all of us in the right place – peace and picket fences for all Americans, whether first-generation or tenth.

We believe all Americans, we middle to low economical ‘categories’ who strive to get one notch up the ladder better than the generation before us should not be divided, but celebrated. Think about our reality – which, based on the zip codes, not the skintone, contained pockets within every county that have criminals, drug problems, dropout rates and horrific stories of abuse. We know every neighborhood, regardless of income, also has pockets of pervs, domestics and weird shit.

America has alot of rocks to lift up and uncover.

90% of us, the law-abiding, tax paying, legal citizenship-seeking people of this nation have had enough.

We don’t want violence.

We don’t want hate.

We don’t want people judged by skin tones or cultural heredity.

We love this melting pot of cultures, traditions and diversity that represent our flag of stars. It’s the criminals and sickos – which are not tied to any specific demographic – tearing us all up. From the government corruptness to the lying media to the ego maniacs to the sick human torturers and the Hollywood elite that are making us divide.

We, the ones carrying this country – don’t want crime. We don’t want abuse of ANY kind – elder, child, spouse, financial, sexual…none of it. Get out and don’t come back.

That’s how we move forward together. The conversations have to change and we have to work together and realize we are in a big crazy, divided Truman show. We’re puppets playing along to the top 10% who don’t care about us.

I personally want to quit complaining about what’s wrong and come up with ideas to how we can fix it, regardless if you truly think the media is honest.

For example –

Let’s quit talking about climate change and discuss pollution, waste and DOW chemicals dumped into our water supplies causing cancers.

Let’s talk about not trashing movie theaters and airplanes after we exit them. WTH people????

Start with where we are and do your part to make it better.

Clean up our messes, plus tell everyone else in the world to do the same.

More than 85% of pollution happens outside of the US. Tell them to do their part or we won’t buy from them or something. Seriously. We can help.

And quit having Hollywood send poor countries crates of water bottles they don’t have an infrastructure to dispose of. FIX their water SYSTEM. We can figure it out. We have the brains.

Use contractors to fix that crap instead of rebuilding all these middle eastern cities you blew up while installing pipelines.

Repurpose the MIC so they quit using the media to play Soros games and become billionaires for building tanks, weapons and camps in the Middle East.

Build roads in Madagascar. Help them become more efficient. If I was rich I’d buy up some coastline while negotiating to pay for their infrastructure so you can build them an American-like economy. Before roads, let’s tackle the women and children who get mutilated around the globe and already live in civil war. You know, just because. Maybe we can get #BLM and #MeToo busy on those problems.

I’d tell China that Apple won’t make products there until they fix the conditions. We’ll then ask Apple to move their HQ out of Ireland to avoid American taxes and also contribute to the rebuilding of the American pandemic economy by allowing older versions of iPhones to still upgrade to the latest iOS update so poor people aren’t forced into another $1,200 phone if they want to communicate. While we wait, China must institute labor and culture beliefs of humanity and no longer need nets around Apple factory buildings to catch the desperate ‘jumpers’.

Suicide nets are common in China

I’d tell a handful of African countries that we will get them safe, clean water supplies so that they don’t lose 1 in 5 children to dysentery and in exchange, they refuse to allow the Gates Foundation and WHO to use their population for vaccines early on in trials.

I’d tell the communist and dictatorship and socialist run countries that if they want to have anything to do with America, they get their torture and abuse to end now.

Americans may fight wars, but we still follow our vows to only pursue the enemy, protect women and children. It can get messy but it’s because the wars we fight are against people who don’t. They don’t value women or children in the same way we do, even though we still have wackos out there free to date and replicate in America.

We will need to help the globe, but we don’t work for free. However we will work for Humanity. And if we intervene as we should, we make deals that heal.

I’d end every lucrative deal that America is in because it benefitted someone personally, at the cost of taxpayer money and safety.

I’d begin investigations and convictions of those public elected officials and family members connected to them immediately and would issue grants if necessary to tap into law students, interns, and those hungry for the truth like us. Bonuses for those that prove their case accurately.

I’d audit every law decision that convicted a questionable cause and resulted in life-impacting action. I’d start a government-funded program like that with law schools and see if continuing education credits could be applied that would challenge actively practicing attorneys the opportunity to count one by taking on local or regionally cases in their communities to give hope to wrongfully convicted – no matter their economic status or lack of public awareness in the case.

I’d make foster care, mental health and addiction treatment systems more funded with all the money we save not lining pockets overseas. I bet the cost on transportation and detail staff alone would build an amazing, loving foster care of 2021 and beyond, giving every American child the rearing it takes to be a successful, valued citizen finding their true purpose for their life and future.

I’d invest tax money in rebuilding social security. That is the savings account of America and should stay at such. Whichever administration decided it was lawful to dip into it whenever they wanted and for whatever they wanted should have that fact noted in their legacy forever and we change it now. Pay it back and don’t touch what we still pump into it every time we get paid even though we’ve been told for 20 years to expect to never get it by the time you finally quit working your ass off to die soon.

If only I could be on a yacht like GaGa. Or married to a Prince. Giving a thank you speech on a stage. Living in a gated mansion with private security guards like LeBron.

Some day, I’ll be privileged too. I’ll buy their shoes and their eye shadow and tag them in my posts, dreaming what they’re thinking on the other end because we know it alerted them! O. M. G!

That’s not realistic. We know it. Yet for some of us, who’ve been getting our businesses and cities all tore up, boarded an empty, can’t have a ‘normal’ social life anymore – plus we know too many stories yet these guys are telling us how evil we are and bailing out the criminals. It’s nuts. That will need to stop.

I don’t care if we have to go back to faxing news stories on the wire to each other until we figure out how to not get censored, but we shall.

Military and Veterans. I’ve said it before about investigating if Vet hospitals can be coverted into Vet re-acclimation suites for any and all who served and need us to serve them. The main floor and be all the vet services centralized into the mega help center with a full cafe and visitor center.

I’d bring our military home. Have them help us developed our police and rescue teams into domestic military and get them the income, stability, benefits and education they need to be the heroes I grew up knowing them to be.

In the meantime, we will be focusing on pumping all these services into the ground zeroes all over America and getting our citizens the help they need so we break the cycles. This, too, will help our police by not making them patrol the streets night after night wondering if they will get to go home and have supper and do it again. For $40k no less.

It’s not a career. Its gotta be a calling. Or something. Let’s get them the support they need because we know we need them. Look at what happens already. We gotta help them clean up our streets.

We call them for everything. If something happens in your life that you need help, it’s either ambulance, fire or cops. There’s no other 911. You call before you dig but there’s hundreds of reasons to call a cop. There’s one reason to call fire or medical.

We need more departments or something. I’d look for ideas to help with that one.

I could keep typing ideas on topics all night. I’m tired of all of us talking about what is wrong and not focusing on what would be right.

I believe every human on this globe should have true love, peace and purpose. Adult to adult, every relationship is encouraged to true love. A happy life. Better than the generation before you.

Thanks for reading. Thanks Pitbull. We need more people with influence like you to speak the truth and bet on those who make fans and plans will not cancel you, but thank you. Thank you for being brave enough to stand up and try to unite us back to what we all want.

There’s more of us than Antifa. We can say, no more. No more. Get out of our towns. They will go.


Can you guess which pictures are from recent America?

Like let’s take an example in Morgan Wallen. He’s been cancelled by the elite platforms because he used that N word. No one can argue that he said it. He did. Yet no one is talking about the context in which he said it. He used it properly as that word is used to imply some type of alliance or understanding by those who say it as a term of belonging. The problem is he said it, and he’s not allowed to. It’s not acceptable for him to say it. His skin is not dark enough, even though people who could get away with saying it don’t like it either. It’s an ugly word. In my opinion.

I said it once in the current context it was being used before it became a sin and I didn’t like it then, either. I don’t want to use that word. I don’t want anyone too. He shouldn’t have said it but it’s because of the rules against him. That’s what made it racial, and the slur was that he broke the rules by saying it at all.

But what do expect from a kind hillbilly, redneck privileged cracker? Those are not racial slurs. Those are number one records and funny comedies people trash movie theaters to watch.

I’m conditioned to not let it bother me, but to rather be prideful of the slurs that imply I am stupid, loose and on opioids.

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