Government Buying Bodies for Funzies

By April 27, 2022 October 29th, 2022 Heather

I thought it was fake memes I saw, thinking there’s no way that’s a real headline. So doing some basic internet searching, turns out there’s many sites with the full story and even interviewed the son about how he found out. So, even the fake news writes about it in the same spin of being horrific to think about, it’s probably true and just buried cause it’s more then five years old and I think it’s mega news.

This true story means to me, that you are taxed from the moment you arrive and get your ssnumber assigned to final moment when your expensive, chemical laden body vessel expels from your spirit and withers into earth.

You’re taxed on what you earn, what you buy, what you sell, what you consume, what you win, what you give, what you’re gifted – all the way til death. At which point, you could instead forgo that huge thousands of dollar expense of a funeral and donate your person’s body vessel back to a corporation that takes it in the name of medical advancement for others – and then instead resells it back to the government who uses the tax money they took from them so they can play war games with it like the Mythbusters do with pig carcasses. Got it.

Please- just put me in a pine box and let nature do it’s thing or something creatively fun for ya all left behind. Might as well add a QR code to the top and link it to my social media and then I’ll be dust in the wind yet still digital haha what the wha

What the wha

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PS. I stumbled upon all the stuff recalled by FDA that we view as open market safe stuff. Holy guacamole Batman. Enjoy.

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