Hoping for Hope

By April 21, 2022 October 29th, 2022 Heather

I see it. I feel it. I read it. I experience it.

So why not talk about it.

Now that the lights have been turned on in the theater and we are all able to see what’s behind some of the stage and production at hand, It becomes a lot to process. Especially when we’re still adjusting our eyes to this new truth while more and more of it is buried, modified or just plain destroyed.

Seeking truth – and nothing else – has become rather exhaustive when you no longer know what or whom to believe. What is showing clear, especially on this beautiful Easter morning is that the goal of every attack we are under is to destroy our hope. When they do, ‘They’ sank our battleships.

We know they know and accept what living without any hope looks like. We see it and look away every day. We’re use to it. They want more of it.

I have mental pictures of what hopelessness looks like.

I refuse to let despair seek in, so in the absence of it, I fill it with my truth.

Whatever you may call Him, there is something beyond the capability of our understanding yet can be felt in the goodness of every moment with joy. Hope is the notion that moments will be better and can be better. I believe there is a world after this one and what you do with this current one greatly effects the next.

I believe there is heaven existence and God is real. I have no doubts whatsoever and can back it up with story after story after story after story of why I know God is real.

The Ten Commandments and Golden Rule is a reasonable request and code worth living by.

Even if selfishly, by choosing to live with these as your guiding conscience is the Jiminy Cricket way of seeing joy in every day.

Seriously. It works.

And let’s be honest yet more – what are the odds of us being above the fold in that elite world of 5% or less who do or allow disgust in exchange for fame, fortune or their own ego fetish release.

do we care?

It’s comparable to winning the powerball. Plus, we’ve built in the caste layers of our districts the idea that titles, paychecks and division from your own humans within the colonies of common folk is acceptable as well. That’s why we live in the crime fears we have with cameras securely fastened on our white picket fences.

This is so complex. Trying to not bounce all around. Because I, as well as all of you, have some work to do to break this serious issue.

Our whole lives, we could coincide with the evils in our lifetime that people are doing to people because we openly can worship while praying for everyone in an overwhelming situation that one person feels helpless. That pebble tossed into the sea type feeling for impact. Yet we can. Together. Through our hearts and minds. We have to let Him rise so that they can fall.

Now they are coming for Him. They no longer care to share our loyalty with Him and only want us to worship them. Their power over the years have amassed an ego that no longer cares to hide behind the curtain.

While we’re still adjusting our eyes, those over religion, corporations and world economic forums have taken bold strides to make us their bitch even more that we realized they already are.

The false prophet is real and it has become our accepted way of life. We know there is so much broken, disgusting, vile, inhumane and perverse in every pocket of our globe. It’s driven by mass acceptance of it through those who indoctrinate through all communication tools that your success is measured in the wealth and popularity of the elite.

So please have hope. Find hope. Seek hope. It’s there. It really is. When you find it, share it. Where you see it is needed, give it. Even the smallest efforts to show someone else that hope is real can make the changes we need to eradicate the forces against us who use all their hope for more greed, power, murder, abuse and more.

I hope you can hope. It’s contagious.

Thanks for reading. Let’s be the light in our everyday place for one another. There’s more of us than them we just haven’t realized our powers.


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