Another Memory on the Story Wall

By November 29, 2020 October 29th, 2022 Heather

Read the headline and cue in the Dave Chappelle bit when he references the DJ guy and says, “Another one…”

Then add in the sound effect of the HodgeTwins saying, Yeah….. 

I shifted my story wall today and had to reconfigure to see how I squeeze something else in or phase out store-bought items with real-life experience material – souvenirs, milestone pictures, cool vacation memorabilia err yeah.. souvenirs. Story wall. 

We went home to Iowa for Thanksgiving and collected new pictures as a gift from my brother and sister-in-law for an awesome vacation we had together this year in Gatlinburg and prints of pictures we took together when we met in Chicago for a weekend last summer to watch the Cards play the Cubs at an airBNB which was also, awesome. Who knew we’d be forced to cancel this June’s? 


So indeed these pictures and frame must fit into the wall of epic things that we experienced and or times we mustn’t forget or as Marie Kondo says, provides sentimental emotion when you see it.

I found the right way to make it fit and removed little to make it work. When I lifted out an older family picture that would be comfortable in the photo album of family photos, I noticed a metal store-bought sign was tucked behind it.

I forgot all about it.

Blessed are the curious… four-year-ago Heather liked that sign and decided since it tucked behind pictures but didn’t make the cut to stay displayed, she’d just keep it back there for good juju.

Today Heather was pleased. Because I forgot. So I left it back there so maybe in a couple more years I’ll get to be pleasantly surprised in positive feelings unexpectedly. I still love that thought. So I kept it tucked away, behind my newest story to talk about. 

The funny new story to the story is that when they showed me the framing of the letters we collected on hikes along the way to spell our last name, Wirtz, I thought they were showing me their wall art. It sat there for two days with me not realizing they were giving it to ME as a gift. bahahhaa silly me. I liked seeing it either way but I was so stunned to realize they meant it was mine that whole time. Hahahah. 

Now it’s on my wall. 

Plus I can remain curious to think of what other surprise adventures pop up that I may or may not have tucked away somewhere on that beautiful wall that makes me smile every time I walk into my home. It makes me want to have more awesome trips and connections with people that make awesome memories so I can peek behind the wall 🙂 

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