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Have you noticed the commercials on your streaming channels say Ad on them with a box to point that out? That’s new for a TV ad.

Because it’s streaming. The cables and antennas are gone. It’s modems and routers plugged into the internet. Faster than ever and so everyone can have a device streaming as individuals, not families and gather that data.

So is it now internet and therefore I assume no longer regulated by FCC? or are they? In my analytics conversations with media sales, we were very locked down even though we technically were collecting the data, the FCC prohibited sharing or analyzing it.  

Is that why main stream media is so blatantly obvious on its political stance and only marketing their beliefs, right or wrong and harmful to the citizens of the United States of America? To know how to position the story to gain the vote? Or pick an emotional response for being so precise in hittin’em in the feels?

I believe I can talk about my true stories as sworn testimony for how jacked up I think Nielsen, the rating system that ruled the entire media pricing and inventory nationally are for at minimum, an hour.

I remember back in the day when politics didn’t divide entire industry professions via stereo typing with blanket judgements.

It was then that I had lunch with a college faculty group who taught the subject and wanted to learn my perspective, ideas and rationale on what I’d teach if they really want to dig in and not learn the hard way like I did. They they let me ramble for the hour.

For the next couple years, I got invited to come speak a class as well as judge capstones! That was so fun. What an honor.

So I figure I got at least that long to repeat my story of why the system was off – but I could’ve kept going. We couldn’t spend all afternoon. They had classes to teach. I went back to work. That story, is another dear readers. Probably easier as a pod cast. Hmm. Marathon story?

thank you, for reading, by the way. I do this because I hope my thoughts and stories, which I believe to find rational and have a track record to prove it might. Just. Might. Help or entertain another human as they are sitting with a screen and looking for something else off social media. I appreciate the opportunity to influence what you would like to think about for yourself and make your own decisions either way.

Back to The point of the Ad box.

There’s No more Nielsen really. Sure it exists, but where’s those diaries that less than .01% of the citizens in a designated state region reported what they watched and how they watched it by writing in a diary, mailing it every month and in return receiving a fresh new diary plus $10 every month. While they hand key the one you wrote in to capture the data into a database. Fun.

It also rank programs’ value to place ads within by ranking that time slot against itself based in what that household, gender or age group in that area filling out that diary watched a year ago – even if shows were cancelled or moved and something new was debuting. How many shows fail? Find out next year.

Now, it’s internet streaming. May the best apps win. By being bought when your data warehouse collection is impressive.

Just like Google, they know all about me and what I watch and for how long and my IP address and my home and my Alexa and my phone 

And how many screens I consume it on and what I record or replay. 

Cable and satellite are dwindling and pushing resources into internet and WiFi while tv goes streaming and binging. 

yet even they were seeing lifts in regulation. I stumbled upon an analytic passionate individual selling cable and OTT, streaming ads for their insertion permission to the internet apps it streams.

He was, as instructed, selling me ads for women like me to buy hgtv, lifetime and E!

I didn’t disagree, but I told the person how I had read they have more abilities to share demographics more targeted now with lifts on regulations. I was allowed to view their screen with their sales laptop that allows them to dig into what zone, age, gender etc and what they’re watching by IP address.

What would you have guessed number 1, for married moms in certain wide ranged low/high incomes?

Those weren’t in the Top 3.

I. Crap you not.
1. Fox News

2. DiscoverID (Snapped?)

3. TLC (No idea why)

Who owns the internet we now stream all entertainment from? Hmm.

Higher Ground Productions has landed several lucrative production contracts with Netflix for leaning edge documentaries and perspective shows. Owned by the Obamas. 

Why are there so many cool, free TV streaming apps that sometimes go black and scan fast and jump back? Data collection platforms are the new gold mines. 

They know the truth. All of it. Globally. So why censor or monitor or reserve the right to at any time?

next up, I’m going to title

my next story, “If China was my boyfriend”

thanks for reading,


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