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I am not sure if I had any type of epiphany, but the thinking within myself propelled me to put down my paintbrush and start writing it down before it escapes my ever fleeting brain streaming. Had to hard save it I guess.

I was thinking of activism and the cultural laws we follow as a society. Perhaps its at that core of the issue that we indeed find a way for majority care is some of the most disparate, horrific and tucked away behaviors that lead and have led to generations of inhumane torture of the mind, soul and body.

Could this be it?! Let me roll.

At first, I was going to dive in by showing pictures of poor old horses left to pasture that walk around, hobbling because their unattended hooves have curled up like overgrown dutch shoes sans the flower carvings.

I’ve seen these horses in real life. The sadness in their eyes and aura are so sad. Hits your heart so much and you wonder how anyone could let that poor horse get that way.

I’ve watched scores of youtube videos where a nice pet stylist (I have to quit calling them groomers) finds a sad old abandoned dog wandering the streets thin, maimed and overgrown and see the whole transformation before your eyes. The dog itself changes it’s demeanor too.

Now fast forward to my theory of formed opinions. Have you ever seen an old person or challenged person or heck, someone without care for toe health, have toenails that appear to be just as thick as they are long?

Dumb and Dumber parodies come to mind. And the funny fact that animal shelters are called humane societies and human societies call ours jails.

You ever made contact with a senior, hunched over in their wheelchair, lined up along the wall through the hallway with all the other hunched over seniors? I think you should.

We all know right now, in our country and in our states, there are places and people creating and distributing porn for every appetite. From animals to sadism to yes, children and teens. Someone is making these films. Someone is watching them. And they make more. And more. And more.

We look away. We tolerate. We assume we don’t know anyone falling into the sins of perversion until they’ve been  totally succumb to the evils within which have created it.


We see the lines of streets and videos of citizens who wander around like zombies from all the drugs and abuse and mental illness, smelly and dirty and many times, dangerous. Unhinged. Overgrown and wandering aimlessly through the streets.

Why does it seem as if we can comfortably talk amongst the water cooler about some things, but not all things? And why do we think that this time, this decade, the politicians who have been griping and complaining at us about the filth to which we are living is going to change with our vote for them?

Its not. I’m pretty sure with ever single human devastation you can imagine on the upwards incline of beyond genocidal tragedy numbers – government has failed us. It’s just that now we’re figuring that out for real.

It’s like every 4-8 years we hear about the last guys mistakes and that this guys mistakes won’t be like those last ones and this time we really will make our streets safe! We’ll make your schools better! We’ll fix the roads!

We the people are a hot potato getting passed around at a lobster bake in the Hamptons by a bunch of billionaires’ great grandsons. The Murdoughs three generations stronger and separated from human consequences.

So instead, we have to figure out why we got here and how we’re gonna get out of this.

I have to figure out why we don’t try harder to protect the children, vets and senior citizens. I gotta figure out how we took Memorial Day and instead of honoring our dead loved ones, we made it Veteran’s Day 2. That’s just one group of those we honor on Memorial Day. Love ya Grams!

I gotta figure out why we walk by the homeless people and try not to trip over them while we shake our heads at them.

But we’ll have an entire community rally around someone who jumped down into the sewer to save the feral kitten.

Sidebar, in this video, I would assume a human that finished his child porn and dumped his grandma in a home threw it out the window driving 80 mph. But still.

I want to figure out why we believe that on Mars, signs of life come down to water molecules and yet we hang flags to promote abortion as health care.

I got two ideas from this, and since the problems are so big many don’t know what to do about it, if anything – and I’m there – then maybe this can help?

First. What if the generational 20th century push for glamor, beauty, fame and popularity created an expected vanity of human to human interaction. This blinds us from seeing the person within their external suit they’re in, even though they didn’t choose there’s anymore than you chose yours.

Since we’re indoctrinated to stereotype and categorize others, resulting in judging, we tend to seek out majority aesthetics to fit in.

We also have defined what is gross. Ewwwww David!

If we have lost empathy for humans because we see bad in them for things we could envision ourselves having, do we disregard them because we now associate them with something bad? So by looking away from the bad, we see them as bad and therefore, expendable.

Simpler attempt – Since the humans all have the same composition we have, it’s easier for us to see ourselves in that and not like it because we know it’s gross? Since we don’t have fur or walk on all fours we don’t see ourselves in animals so we cry out for them with the compassion our hearts were meant to have for all living things?

I was thinking about the typical stories I hear over the years by Dads who defended not changing dirty diapers. You can insert many subjects, like actual ones I’ve heard: I’d rather clean up

Dog vomit

Dump garbage trucks

Clean the kill floor with the firehose at the meat packing plant

Than clean up shit.

Really? Now, not all Dads are like that. My boys had a very active Dad. I’m just saying it’s not uncommon to hear and I’m sure you have met or know someone.

Point is, since we are human maybe it’s harder to like humans that don’t act like the human we think humans should be.

So we have to figure up how to clean that up, decide how to help, while rethinking every single judgement and stereotype we allow or disallow depending on what the media and government tell us to accept or denounce based on suit.

That way, if humans start to wander off the sense of reality, we can help jump down into that sewear and save them with the whole town cheering us on.

So we have to redefine reality. Sounds simple enough, yeah?

Second. Free flowing ideas here.

Since federally we’ve failed, and the world is ticking to take us off the face of the earth like the vile bullies who run us have created, let’s start at our roots and get active while figuring out what is ok and what doesn’t matter.

By what doesn’t matter, I mean – simple things can be clarified and townhall agreed upon. Like, there’s poisonous chemicals in our water, food, earth and air. What can we do to help keep things clean and sanitary while not using things that are proven to create neurotoxins in the brains of humans causing a decrease in thinking, clarity, intelligence and mood?  See, just an example.

For the state level, until we can get a unified federal level of leadership again, I think of it as any start up would.

We pitch an idea to change a belief that helps others believe in themselves and thus change that perception so they become healthy, independent and contributing back to us all.

Start with an idea that tackles a humanitarian issue, whether it be how we teach living life lessons back to kids who now can’t write or use basic money math skills. You build your case, propose how to implement it, and then – this is key – identify community success markers that show a return on the investment. Maybe it’s health, attention focus improvements etc. Anyway, we do this and figure out plans.

I have ideas like, what if when you are in a place as a citizen of this country, you need to tap into our welfare resources. That’s ok. We’re here for you and will help you. No one should fear, and this especially goes out to abandoned single parents or seniors who can’t get a break with set income versus inflation costs.

However, when accessing this system, you are ineligible to vote. The reason you cannot vote is because clearly, the current leadership in your area has failed you. It’s not you, it’s them – since there are no consequences of their failure in having citizens on welfare, they continue to create unattainable societies for many yet pretend that it’s because of them you get any type of check at all. So you vote for more of the same.

If you cannot vote while on welfare, the measurables for re-election change dramatically. You need as many citizens independently participating in society than ever if you want to keep your job.

Isn’t that what we expect of football coaches and CEO’s? Oh, you didn’t do what you said and we lost profits? You’re fired.  The American people are the biggest group of employees we’ve got. And our HR department has to go. It’s so broken. The benefits you get for what you pay in make it not worth it at all to stay employed.

They’re aren’t looking at our best interests. They’re looking at the best interests of the lobbyists who help them make money with insurance, pharmacy testing and medical scams.

Everytime we as employees learn that we’ve been exposed to something serious that may compensate us because I happened to watch a commercial on TV – the government has lied. It took shark attorneys looking for blood to let us all know about it.

I don’t care if it’s Camp Lejuene, Vaginal mesh, aspirin, BPA plastics, Kraft Mac and Cheese, sunblock, vaccines, pills – this is proof those who take our money to make our world a better place to live are not making it better for any of us.

But they do tell us that its’ easy to look away at the failures. Especially if it makes us feel pretty.

In America, we have 582,462 people estimated homeless.

The porn industry generates more income than the combined revenues of ABC, NBC, and CBS and more than the combined revenues of NFL, NBA, and MLB. In the USA, the porn industry generates between $15 billion – $97 billion a year. Every second, $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography.Oct 28, 2021

In 2021, there were 337,195 reports of missing persons, involving youth, entered into the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC). A total of 521,705 missing person reports were submitted to NCIC, of those 93,718 records remained active as of December 31, 2021.

IF anyone is currently watching any type of porn with nonconsenting people whether because they’re minors, disabled, mentally incompetent or animal – you are part of the problem. Pretend it’s bud light or Disney and quit funding it, through money or clicks. STOP>

I don’t like any of it, but supply and demand is everything. Money talks.

I don’t know what to do about the homeless problem, yet. Other than provide shelter and cleanliness and get fentynal and crazy chemical lab made zombie drugs off the streets. This is a government cover up and we know it.

Refine what beauty is. I think it’s authenticity, peace, joy and laughter. II can’t be on the cover of a magazine. Ugly people like Bill Gates can, but based on my level in our caste system, height and weight and age and job, I’m a worker bee. Yet so many people in my group are flipping awesome and radiant so much. And yes, we can all lose weight. we gotta quit eating all this fake shit and remember, FDA admitted the food pyramid is wrong. Rethink everything!!!

Question everything that sucks, and dig in to why and see that one zip code at a time we can do this. Imagine if we can have someone help figure out how to NOT get federal taxes withdrawn from your earning paycheck before you get it so we can use that locally and pool ourselves together. That would be awesome.

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