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Usually, when communities across a country can organize and centralize within a day, there’s a hierarchy of leadership. Just as armies form and infiltrate to use force as a means to demand control. Generals, captains, sergeants…

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Who is their leader?

Our fellow US citizens are fighting, destroying, burning – basically shitting in our own bed – alongside strangers who showed up in their neighborhoods with pallets of bricks.

It’s assumed by all the people at home posting memes of solidarity on social media that the intention is to get a positive result of change, which one would assume in their minds is to achieve racial equality, justice for George Floyd. We can all get behind that and agree.

But…. Let’s dive deeper past the trigger headlines and posts.

If they have no leader, no face, no unified voice who will use the attention this violent tantrum has caused to our tax coffers and most importantly – our psyche – that is ready to speak on their behalf, what is their reward for their outrage?

Who is in charge to leverage a call to ensure change happens? The president, the government, the media, the state leaders, our civilians – You’ve got everyone’s attention. So now what?

The huge audience watching wants the violence to stop so let their leader magically appear to state the demands and plans for next steps.

We will tap out, TKO, yell Uncle, whatever to make this stop. I would say the majority of all citizens is wanting to find a solution because we seriously don’t want violence anymore.

So we’re ready to listen. Who’s got their back?

Where’s their Mocking Jay?

What do they want and how do they plan to achieve it? What stronghold or peace treaty are they offering to protect non-violent citizens post-riot? What is our guarantee that the abusive minions launched via Facebook to pillage the cities aren’t still going to menace the rest of us when this is over?

Who will want to go into these cities or any areas of disparity after seeing what so many are capable of?

You know the zip codes of proven crime issues.

Our historic government, Google, and social media analytics clearly know exactly where every shitty place to live in our country is.

I bet they also know every smart phone on the streets right now. This is terrorism fueling the oppressed.

The giants know where healthcare is lacking, poor education, high crime, abuse, no successful businesses, failures to thrive, mental illness, lack of housing… on and on.

They’ve always known. They’ve allowed it to exist. They have every epicenter pegged and possess the resources to come in and repair them if they cared.
They have the funds to fix it. Well, they did anyway.

Yet here we are. Making this a race issue instead of a disparate one. Just like we’ve been doing over and over again.

We know exactly where we are broken as a unified, diverse, and wonderful country. We know it goes unrepaired and the top 10% of our elite citizens stir the rest of us into whirlwinds of division. And profit from it.

Celebrities, politicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, mega wealthy – where are they and who calls off the dogs?

We know exactly where there is a much higher accelerated level of injustices happening to our citizen’s poor souls every day.

We know that based on zip code, not race, people for generations continue to struggle with a very high likelihood of having bad stuff happen to them from their first breath to their last.

We’ve got a slew of Netflix documentaries to prove it.

So why do this? Why continue to fight each other on issues we can easily solve if we stop and think about it long enough to take a true action?

What if we treated our impoverished, generational disparate pockets like we did the Corona Virus? We protect strangers that way, so why not this way?

Think as a majority. Think above this.

https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/06/27/worst-county-to-live-in-every-state/39584587/ – Worst Rankings to grow up in

Wealthy checkbooks, memes and celebrity pleas won’t fix the ninth ward.

Turning the channel and fighting on Facebook won’t fix Logan, West Virginia. It won’t fix murders in major city burroughs.

Apache county, Arizona.

Bethel, Alaska

Adams county, Washington

The pockets of poor mindset are in every state just like drugs, child abuse and the constant belief that they are forgotten and never going to advance.

The entire infrastructure to break their cycles is broken and we use band aids and division to treat it.

We know how to heal this. We know but it’s hard work and a lot of intervention for a long period of time. But we could do it. If we wanted to.

Those deep pockets promoting the violence to continue could help do it. We know how to fix this.

But we don’t care. Decade after decade. Generation after generation. Why?

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK425844/ – Disparity Blocks in US

We are led to believe they’re not worth it. The middle is consumed with media that continues to fuel the notion that the legacy poor aren’t as important.

We’re accepted in the belief that they aren’t ‘trying’. They don’t want to work. They’re scary and violent. They will attack anyone who offends them.

We are told to be scared of them, and if you look at the statistics, they’re right. You have a much higher likelihood of becoming traumatized with possible interactions among the stereotypical thug at the Wal Mart than regular appearing citizens.

Chicago has a daily shootings map for crying out loud! You can check it out daily for curiosity sake like public mugshot apps and the poop map of San Francisco.

Disparity Zip Codes are every race. And we know it.

So let’s see who their leadership is. Let’s see who is going to represent the terrorist attackers of our own country that claim they are demanding equality, justice and whatever else their Facebook is telling them to do and at what time and what street.

Then this madness could stop. The personal attacks would stop.

With no leader, I assume the plan is we will all go back to ‘normal’ mushroom life full of fearing inner-city homeless people, run-down trailer courts, dilapidated shacks and any holler road worthy of a Wrong Turn Deliverance.

We fear those who live as a means of survival

Or a leader of some sort could appear and say, yeah, let’s fix it instead of fueling it.

Until a leader or speaker of the house of demolition comes forward, we sit and wait and tear each other down for which side you’re on.

These terrorists need to think, too. Where are all of their friends now? Where’s the supporters on the award stage or football field who identify this act as justified? Will they answer the phone to step in and start talking to the media for their demands? Will they spend more than five minutes on a tweet to put together a solution that would actually fix what the real problem is?

I’ve yet to see anyone of influence on their front lines with them. It’s just the chaotic minions fighting, cussing and destroying all by themselves.

No headlines of the humanity moments or who organized this fight.

Yet it’s just another day in the life of oppression for most of us “privileged” middle class worker bees.

The top 10% elite all turn off the TV and phone to go have a cocktail and brunch with friends and cheer on the pillagers.

Who is marching with them?

Any political leaders? Hillary? Michelle? Barack? Helloooo? Nope.

How about all the Silicon Valley guys who block free speech and keep fueling this? Jack Dorsey? Bill Gates? Bezos? Google folks? Where are you at now? Your thug army needs your presence. Nope. Crickets.

I know, let’s rolodex those who display distant solidarity by financially supporting bail money for those most violent. You know, the ones with mega platforms who are cheering them on from afar – yet more privileged than any of us. Taylor Swift? John Legend? Brad Pitt? Seth Rogan? John Legend’s wife what’s her name? Nope. Just on social.

Where are these elite people who make us feel inferior for not seeing their pain? What are they doing right now? Are they talking to their social media staff about what they should strategically leverage now to elevate their new movie or record coming out? They aren’t with the rioters physically. They weren’t before this happened, either.

Well, maybe they were. If they could afford a ticket to see them perform in real life.

Oh, wait, I think I know why NO one is fighting with them. They’re all afraid of these people, too. They need police to protect them and swarm around them any time they leave their gated, secure communities so people like them don’t hurt them.

They don’t leave their house without detail protection of some sort.

That’s right.

So they won’t be out there helping them either.

They just all have checkbooks.

Good luck.

At least they will bail the guilty out of jail.
Until next time,

THE VOICE — ?he Battles, Part 5/The Knockouts? Episode 1711 — Pictured: (l-r) Taylor Swift, John Legend — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Thanks for reading and considering my story.


PS. During the census, there was an interactive map of each and every US county with a ranking of 0.0 to 1.0 in terms of worst to live in. It’s apparently been decommissioned. It was SO telling it was scary.

Update: Here’s a back stroy of their fiscal officer of BLM and Ten Currents

Susan Rosenberg spent 16 of her 58 year sentence for bombing US buildings and those citizens within it. Bill Clinton released her on his last day of presidency.

Since then, she’s thrived and now heads up financial decisions for the organization she serves- a thousand currents which collects all BLM donations and funnels a portion back to them.

Terrorists and killers who also share our privilege of American citizenship are trying to destroy us. In plain sight.

As an American, this isn’t acceptable. Accountability of terrorism and genocide are in order yet we are too busy being mad at our family and neighbors over headlines that aren’t true. We have to see the brainwashing happening and that they get free reign on media platforms and through Hollywood supporters.

If we don’t unite as civilians and shut off the fake news we will become a country of war.

Thought I’d share.

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