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By December 23, 2021 October 29th, 2022 Heather

I’ve changed a lot of ways I spend my time that I get to choose how to spend. As I get more and more aligned with letting a job be just that and seeing my youngest start learning to drive – I seem to have more time to determine what I do while it burns away anyway. Less people need me, I suppose.

After I shake off that moment of sad realization, I quickly perk up realizing that it’s a fun time of deep exploration into myself and what I can do to heal from within and make really cool stuff happen with this increase of time that I find myself craving more and more of.

Both my husband and I have continued to choose as much of the time together as possible, whether with the family, friends or just the two of us because we truly like that and we are such great friends together. We know we are better people when we’re growing into better people and as individuals, our inner self fuels on curiosity. In fun ways, we’ve championed each other to seek new experiences we’re curious about trying.

I’m buying up old canvas prints at goodwills and trying my skills at painting classic paintings with Sasquatch in them. I don’t know why. It’s more about can I do it than the big silent hairy dude.

He’s mastering the art of coffee making with his brothers and nephew trying the same at their homes and sharing experiences.

I’ve also started making window art out of old frames and motivational ones for people I care about.

Goodwill gives great prints to paint on

We’ve tie dyed.  

I even tried a rock picture or two before it got cold.

mixing concrete was new for me

Mark’s been helping friends with remodel projects when he can and going to the range. He’s gotten fairly effective with the aero press.

The biggest realization of finding so much joy unexpectedly multiplies faster when you create, grow or stay curious. It makes the other time more positive even if it’s not being spent the way you want it to be.

Most of the materials and pieces I have been trying to make also begin when I decide what it could be and who it could be for and why when I made it I was thinking about them and how special they are to me and this is a representation of how important time with them is valued.

for Grandma’s window

Plus my kids all think the artwork is impressive and their approval is worth gold.

So I challenge you to dig in to what you’d like to try. After all, I’ve always heard ‘idle hands are a devil’s playground’ so how you fill your time truly does matter with so much devil everywhere around us.

I choose joy and sharing joy. Even if it’s just with words or modge podge.

OH and I’ve been working on solidifying new business concepts, figuring out new shirts and items like making drink coasters of my grandparents.

And I’ve noticed a lot of beautiful sky scenes worth trying to capture with my poor phone camera.

And I went to a Halloween party at a winery and found Travis Tritt! He said he was trying to be the Tiger King and I was impressed.

Create Joy!!!! All Around you!

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