I started to cry in a meeting! AHHHH LOL

By December 28, 2021 October 29th, 2022 Heather, Pandemic Thoughts

Excuse me please.

Yeah. That totally happened. It’s happened before but I’ve always pulled through and fought it back. It’s very rare but today I had to excuse myself and chose to not return. Yet I feel proud of myself.

Sure, some of the suits may write me off as some emotional girl or something but dang it felt good. They weren’t tears of frustration or tears of lacking girl resilience. It was rather because my body no longer knew what to do at that point but start flushing.

I had the Best Day!!!

Last evening a college student who’s been assisting on some data trending on customer spending preferences asked to meet to show where she’s at and where she should continue on with the last week of break among us before she takes off to campus again.

It was such a fun meeting. We met in a coffee shop and went over the numbers, what she and I conclude they may mean or indicate further explanation, Our conversations in where people were shopping at more than not spurred lots of other stories we’ve had in shopping scenarios to what this ongoing experience has taught her. She’s been coming in on breaks since her senior year in high school.

Oh my gosh the joy i felt when she shared her modified aspirations with college now to reflect customer behavioral data research for marketing. AHHHHH I wanted to cry! Joy tears!

She did all the work. She figured it all out. I didn’t do anything but find her the answers and tell her the vision. I encouraged her to work from anywhere and things to think about – this was totally all her and she enjoys it so much she wants to do this side of the analytics versus IT.

How flipping cool is that???? Wanna know why? She’s the most natural at it I’ve ever met. I gave her a match and she ignited a super power that will take her very far. And she’s an awesome person that will do right by it.

I couldn’t ask for more honor and privilege than to witness that self discovery she made and how involved her parents have become in the project and helping her ponder the homework with the same vigor and curiosity she inherited with that.

This was off the heels of a trip back home that was simply put, brilliant. I saw aunts, uncle, pap, grandmas, dad and step mom and cousin – all quality time and deep conversations to be had with lots of hugs and support for each other.

My goodness Mark and I had a nice time with each grouping and meal.

After my meeting, I headed in to work and had three peaceful, productive hours of thought and sketching out some big goals for next year. Then the meeting happened.

It was validating to hear that specific things I was sure weren’t accurate or the best way weren’t, and a full on re-education was required to get anyone on board with the deeper understanding of current events.

Turns out, I’m not crazy.

Turns out, I was right.

Turns out, I was disregarded for my truths.

Turns out, I feel flipping amazing right now and holla from the girl out of the hollar. Hecks yeah.

You see, I didn’t know what was happening to my body. I was going to start crying and I wasn’t able to stop it so I had to bail and excuse myself but those tears were like taking a really big fart after you waddle on outside of the eye exam. Haha.

What a release. What a relief.

Now, time for vacation.

Thanks for reading,



Watcha you gonna do in ’22?

Let’s rewrite that Taylor Swift songs about feels like ’22 to parody what an upside down wrong is right and right is wrong world we live in.

Always keeping the mask on you

Feels like it’s ’22

Gonna flip and blame all you

Feels like it’s ’22

China shut off my power

Feels like it’s ’22

I can’t afford heat

Feels like it’s ’22

Rinse and repeat


Yeah, like that.

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