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Guns, Trump, #MeToo and knees. Why not? Let’s do this.

I have a few things to say to anyone and everyone who is on one side or another of a very divided country. You’re making us vulnerable to the entire world – or at least those who give a shit and are watching,  planning their attack. Our global PR needs a major refresh and has for some time. The more we allow ourselves to lie, twist, fake news, attack, bully, become violent and go after our leadership – the more we end up getting more of what we have no understanding of – a deficit of American Pride. We have…

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What’cha been up to lately? How You Doing?

How do you answer that?  Don’t worry. This isn’t one of those motivational stories that are gonna help you love yourself more. I mean, yeah, you should but that’s not what this about. I’ll quit hugging myself and get to the point. This is the worst question I get asked. It’s a robotic greeting sub sentence because ended a cheerful greeting/bump in (especially in a small community) because simply saying ,”Hello” and having that awkward, hesitation pause of “Okay, who’s going first?” would happen and then you’d have to say something creative. Some people will even add that third…or when…

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Greatly Done Shows and Movies Streaming with Some Okay Parts

Shameless. I. Love. Shameless. There is something about how it stirs a full range of different emotions within you because of the amazing acting talent living out a genius script of the human strength to persevere when driven to win at any cost in a local anarchy zone of city poverty. These kids, neighbors and odd friends they pick up season to season – they all are united because they all got dealt a shit hand of their own and persevere with the same hustle and sweat to get out of there. They will get dirty if that’s what it…

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Why We Need to Appreciate Memorial Day… Every Day

What is Freedom, Anyway? Thanks to the bravery of our soldiers, we have freedom to be America. We’ve maintained this freedom for more than 200 years and therefore don’t have the experience to know what it’s like not to have it. For our individual freedoms, it’s a feeling we pursue for personal gratification. For many, the “freedom” we desire represents things we believe provide us much more satisfaction in our lives. For example, it’s wanting to retire as soon as possible, win the lottery or work hard to earn more. We want the freedom to own our time and have…

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Cleaning Out the Closet – an Analogy of Clutter

If you’re trying to clean your room, you start by picking up the clutter, then you can sweep the last of the dust. It’s layers. You also have to identify what the clutter is.  Sometimes, when you pick up all the things that don’t belong in that room it doesn’t mean its trash. It may just be misplaced in where it should be kept.  Like legos on the coffee table or shoes in the kitchen for example.  Or, for this analogy – an emotion -let’s say anger. I think it’s absolutely human to feel anger but how long you store it…

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Reasons are Optional

Sometimes my brain is so overloaded with thoughts, lists, “I should haves” and fabulous intentions that I find myself frozen. Staring blankly as if in a frazzled state. Getting nothing accomplished but self-loathing and procrastination.  It’s been much worse lately. It’s embarrassing and SO out of character for me. This picture of Teresa helps visualize what I catch myself doing lately: Blank Stare Is it too much to do? Not really. I’ve had longer lists than these before. Is it depression? I don’t think so. I feel pretty good about a lot of things. Is it daunting tasks? Things I don’t like…

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I Love Making Conversation with New People

It doesn’t get old to me. It’s not everyone – it’s not like I go down the street and try to talk to every single person I meet. That would be ridiculous and probably creepy. But when the situation happens, you know it. Where there’s this feeling internally that you kinda want to say something. Like last week. I was sitting in a waiting room at a bank in rural Ohio waiting to talk with a great CEO. I was early. I gave myself time in case I couldn’t find it, and turns out it was easy. I noticed walking…

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Stuck in a Rut With an Unsightly Gut

In my third year battle to lose the exact same 20 pounds, I’ve been digging deep into myself to figure out why I don’t break through and get it off of me. I exercise more now than I have in years and am getting quite proud of myself. I know it’s not my output that the problem. It’s my input. But Why? What is that trigger in my brain that puts my willpower on auto pilot? I really like the taste of so many fruits and vegetables and even think I could quite possibly survive as a vegetarian (maybe). So…

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Aging Happens

Relocating to Ohio and finding myself only 2.5 hours from my original childhood area has been an enlightening experience. I’ve spent the past 20 years driving 13 hours to get there maybe (maybe) once a year and trying to cram all grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and their homes into 4-5 days. Living closer has opened that up infinitely. I’ve already been home more times in the past year than in the last decade. I gain longer sits on the porch. Longer conversations. I’ve even re-familiarized myself to many roads and use the GPS less and less. I get to start…

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Frickin’ Fracking

Last Sunday I was with Mark, the boys and my brother, Adam, hitting the road after a great weekend trip to West Virginia. The guys had a night in Pittsburgh, PA for our cousin’s bachelor party. I had helped with a bridal shower for his betrothed and the boys tagged along with me and camped out at my Dads for the night. All in all, a nice adventure. Having Adam fly in from Nashville to be a part of it was icing on the cake. (Bree! Ahhh move here please! Sorry, no pressure. Lol) When my son Landon insisted our…

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