Keeping Your Vote Valid. So Your Vote Really Matters.

By November 13, 2018 Food for thought


I wanted to share a post an old colleague pal (He’s not old, we just don’t work together anymore) wrote about why ethical, legit voting matters and why we should not stand by and accept tampering of any kind by any side. Preach John. Here’s his post:


Be Concerned.

By John Blabaum, managing partner at Wax Xtatic Record Audio Stereo Shop

“Whether you are on the right, the left, extreme left, extreme right, or in the middle…..YOU as an American Citizen and voter should be very concerned about Florida, Arizona, and other places where vote counting has turned into a charade, if not a crime.

Our votes are a sacred trust, with one vote counting just that. Allowing those in ‘power’ to create, falsify, disguise, mislead, change, or commit criminal acts nullifies YOUR vote, no matter that you may not be in that district or state.

Why? Because it taints the entire system of trust and the the long held belief (as it should be) that your vote is valid.

It should NOT be “well, hee hee it’s going to get one of my guys/gals in so, so what!”
Many people fought and died for this country and on Veterans day it seems to me to be more important than ever that we fight for what’s right at the polls no matter which side you are on.
Without a valid and safeguarded election process, we cease to exist as Representative Republic.

The end.

Well said, John. well said. Do this gentlemen a favor and buy some records.

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