The Great Hate Challenge

By April 25, 2020 October 29th, 2022 Pandemic Thoughts

I have learned a lot about people socially during this Covidiocy we are in. 

I see a lot of opposing views and comments on social media, always have. These days I wonder if the work or stay home stress is causing it to be so much angrier. I just can’t these days.  I’ve begun socially distancing myself from social media for the sake of sanity.

I only like social these days when I see what people are up to or sharing stories about their family or something they are proud of. Now that’s about 1/3 of it.

There’s another 1/3 that are thoughts, memes, articles, or statements that align with me and validate I’m not alone.

The remaining 1/3 are people bashing our President with hateful, rude comments, mockery, serious malice and libel.

What messaging did they consume that created that disgust inside them to be so publicly angry? How did we use to get along? What’s going on here?

What have they heard or seen that makes wishing failure and death of your president appear to be saner than wanting to get back on track to the growth/success that was starting to actually feel like it could be a reality if we all gave it a go?

I try to be curious, not furious.

So I tried to imagine what it would be like if we really could burn him at the stake and spit on his face for everything he thinks we should do as a country. I spent a lot of time imaging if we could go back to status quo. Back to mainstream reporting and back to when I liked being around these people and seeing their social posts. What if we could give them their wish?

So this story evolved.

Through the thoughts below, I couldn’t help but question what they would propose the plan should be. I tried to figure out what I am missing here.

I can’t recall seeing any other plans or ideas to end this virus stuff. I only know the one plan we have in place right now, yet I still see a bunch of folks who would rather be consumed with anger and venom in their typing ALL CAPS. So much violent wishes and burn in hell dreams. Must be drinking too much of our fluoride water. Yikes!

That helps no one. So help us! Help me. Explain the plan.

You can’t be creative in an angry state. It’s like sneezing with your eyes open. All ideas will be full of negative vibes spewing.

So yeah. You’d think the 2/3 of good, better, best posts would outweigh the 1/3 of ranting negative, rude and disrespectful insults at our President who is way better at addressing the haters than I could be. He’s focusing on letting all these task force expert teams figure it out.

But Nah. Even one turd can vacate an entire pool.

I’d rather not swim in the social pool anymore or make the turds fertilize some ideas.

Explain to me one time our ‘stupid’ president did not do exactly what the experts tell him, except when they were wrong?

Those experts are always in the room. Every day. For like two hours a day, they are talking, explaining, taking questions, and being as thorough as possible while he stands off to the side. They are always advising. 

The team – mix of both sides

Our President is always complimenting them highly. Our President is always supportive. Do you ever remember a president addressing the nation with a whole team of experts with detailed reporting of their progress?

Usually, they were alone at the podium reporting what they got told versus letting the actual person report it.

Sometimes the experts are right and sometimes they are not.

March 6th we were all having big room meetings to talk about what this virus means. Friday the 13th was when it was realized that maybe we shouldn’t. So no expert really knew, how could our President?

No one is judging their intentions, we all know we didn’t know.

On March 12th, I was running all over, not looking for toilet paper, but vinyl gloves for all my coworkers because we were told we’d need them. The virus could possibly get caught if you had cuts or sores on your hands and it got into your bloodstream. Yeah…… that’s legit. Am I mad at Dr. Fauci? Not really. Should I be? I’m trying to follow the rules that change every week.

Does this mean Dr. Fauci is also stupid? Does it mean he’s sabotaging? I can’t say. So, therefore, I choose positive. I’ll say – no, we give them grace and continue to let them learn more and make more decisions.

Sometimes they get it wrong. However, if you want to give them the benefit of the doubt, we didn’t know back then that it was mutating and we believed WHO and China.

The only people that should be shut down right now are those that seem to be more concerned about partisanship, slander and distractions then coming together to find a solution for our country and all the people in it.

Dr. Fauci was quoted in blowing this virus off. Encouraging social gatherings. The WHO is being investigated for corruption and lies. So chicken or the egg. They have a whole task force, so we keep learning.

So many people are out there as public officials bashing and trying to destroy him were the exact same ones doing the same when he was concerned and they were not.

Imagine if our President didn’t make the decision to stop travel from China even though he was tore up and spit out in the media for it. That took guts. Both to feel like it was the right thing to do and go up against the bully regardless.

So if you hate him, what is the solution? How will you save us all? What are your ideas? What plan would you put into place if you weren’t stuck in such a failed system?

When someone is so distracted with hating someone we elected to lead us through this, they can’t focus on being a part of the solution. It makes it worse.

Complain complain complain. But nothing evolves from the hate. No better ideas. No better plans. No suggestions.

How is that being part of the solution to save us all and go back to work?

I researched both sides of this story and the emotional trauma being created versus creating solutions. I read that anger can fuel solutions if you want to make things better.

So use it. Make it the new fuel. C’mon. Give me something to work with. I only hear hate. No ideas.

Imagining Going Back to the Road We Were On. What if we gave the Noise What they want?

So, here’s the way I think it will be if we go back to politicians as usual. You know, the way you want it. Let’s Get creepy Joe, AOC, and ole Hillary back in the Oval so we can get this evil cracker box business guy out of here.

This is what it is:

When the day comes, and we all go back to work and the ones of us who have been working longer and harder because of the situation and need to assist in the normalcy of those at home, we have a choice to make.

If we go along with all the haters and ridiculers who have been proven dishonest and gaslighting for decades, then this is what we can do. We can look forward to our old normal. Remember the good ole days?

America was corrupt, divided, abusing our money, rights, freedoms and liberties while filling us full of editorial media pretending to be journalists long before we decided to let a business entrepreneur from the private sector try to run America instead of politicians who work their way to the top by whose pockets they lined along the way with corrupt promises and favors to their lobbyists.

When you research truth instead of accepting headlines that are geared to get everyone back to the program- back to how it used to be – We’ll get to go back to the America we’ve accepted for decades:

We’ll re-open our borders full of human trafficking, synthetic heroin and fentanyl from China coming thru Mexico, if not just mailed directly to specific labs in NYC. Here’s a great article that breaks it all down.

If you’re as fascinated as me, here’s a first-hand account with a book to go with it on how this billions dollars deep partnership goes on even further with our leaders and all the world.

He’ll explain how synthetic, deadly ingredients are coming to us by the tons and killing more than 52,000 in 2015. Grows in numbers every year. Worse than Corona.

You’re saying that you’re ok with cartels using poison chemicals to mass grow marijuana in America because it’s easier to spray them with arsenic-laced fertilizers then try to smuggle it across the border. They probably have health insurance, too.

You’re saying you’re comfortable with our White House officials using our social security savings like their own piggy bank. That’s our savings account. It’s like a dad taking his kid’s piggy bank to buy some Schlitz.

Thanks Pops.

Let’s go back to unknown dependence on other countries to make all our cheap stuff and pharma.

We have to make sure we continue to turn a blind eye to the fact that we expect our great grandparents and hero war veterans to lose everything they earned to have a box room with another stranger to live in with cafeteria food and an hour of socializing a day for a minimum of 3 grand a month.

#AloneTogether This virus has given me a glimpse into my future if I live that long. #GoodTimes

We really don’t mind that nearly 1M people homeless. I mean, it’s probably their fault and you get used to them in the landscape. Right? Plus they have this cool, poop map in Nancy’s city. Check it out!
They say this is the current President’s fault.

We will also need to continue to cut out funding on mental health, make stigmas against those who need mental help so no one cares, change nothing about psychiatric screening for gun purchases.

‘…From 2009 to 2011, states cut mental health budgets by a combined $4 billion- the largest single combined reduction to mental health spending since de-institutionalization in the 1970s.’ Full Article:

We’re ok with how we overpopulate our jails, knowing the stigma and cost that comes with it.

We don’t mind the undercuts in public services to protect the next generation of abuse or protect kids. We don’t think they deserve decent pay and overload the system so you’ll never keep up.

I mean, if we fixed this stuff – what would Netflix do for documentaries about prison, drugs, and the killing of Gabriel Fernandez?

There’s no reason to question the global favors and back deals, even when it’s politician kids going to countries to make oil and gas deals where sex trafficking paths intercept and are legal


Potholes don’t bother us. Or holes in bridges. Flooding decaying systems. We have time for that. We’ve known this for a long time. It’s just what it is. It should stay this way. We want to have our roads and infrastructure fall apart.

We have been warned and have received D’s o the report card for more than a decade.

Let’s go ahead and continue to fund arms for unstable dictator countries, spend trillions on a no-win war for more than twenty years straight, allowing our brave to volunteer and go, praying that if they come home, they’re in one piece physically and mentally because we aren’t dealing with that either.

Here’s the story about how we’ve spent $6.4 Trillion on the war in 20 years. Is that counting taking care of our soldiers and their families?

Where we also get poppy and gas lines built with our tax dollars.

This is where all the Opium or Poppy Fields are, in case you wondered.

We will continue to let politician kids run big pharma companies and manipulate Narcan and Epipens for profit, helping support all the deaths and drugs. Heck, we will even continue to let West Virginia be our test grounds for their new pharma studies! They don’t mind, shucks.

First Heather I didn’t like.

 Frackers will continue destroying and stripping people’s backyards, not caring about the cancer they drink in our water.

Frack off.

Our smart, dedicated politicians that get to run the country are permitted by us to lace our water with chemicals and fluorides that have been proven to deteriorate mental health ….. shall I continue?

End tainting the water supplies. Or keep them the same?

Yes. That’s our political system. Has been.  Both sides. 

This isn’t about race. It isn’t about orientation. I don’t want any of that to stay. If we stop screaming in all caps how much we hate one man, step back, look and use our brains to think for ourselves, we may realize that we don’t want more of the same as we had before.

When I read the spewed hate and twisted headlines attacking this business guy with a mouth and a third wife and a mind for business strategy that is spot on, I think.. what are you proposing we do then?

Yeah. You’re right. How unprofessional to be sarcastic when dealing with the press who twist your words like Twizzlers. I don’t have to twist yours. My gracious. Some are more vulgar than anything that came out of his mouth.

It’s a game. A big game. And you are a pawn. I am a pawn. We’ve been sucking in the chemicals and neurotoxins and getting dumber and focused on human choices over the big Truman show we’ve been living in for most of our lives.

The Truman Show – 1998

They want it back. The Politicians want it back. They want us all to sit and take it like before and fight like ignorant sheep herds of Ignorant emotional and misinformed workers. 

If you think any politician has truly cared about you. Me. Or any of us you are sadly mistaken. 

So we got a businessman to clean up our corporate practices, HR, and Global manufacturing negotiations. He says what he wants and has shown us more of what goes on in that swamp than anyone before him. 

He’s put in a lot of new rules and a lot of the good ole boys’ clubs ain’t liking that too much. Both sides of the party and globe have been used to the profits off our backs.

(Photo by Tolga AKMEN / AFP) (Photo credit should read TOLGA AKMEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Hmm. Maybe it’s time the Democrats hire their own businessman to go head to head. Because no politician can. How can you support what we live with for the sake of who’s the captain of the ship?

What businessmen or women could you tap into to help you solve all the problems?

Maybe you need a Mark Z or Jack Dorsey to be your frontman. Bill Gates? Research what they’re doing to you first, but hey, maybe that’s who your front runner should be.

 We don’t care that the Chinese jump into nets to prevent suicide while making your iPhone cooler. We let them do whatever they want our data or how they censor us and block certain speech they don’t like. We just want to make sure it can’t be used to solve crimes.  

Suicide Net anyone?

If you hire your own business person to take over this ship, it won’t be a big deal when you lose your entire retirement to pay for CNAs to wipe you because your kids can’t – cause they will have to work until they’re 75 just to have the same fate as you – if they don’t get stolen or killed or pay twice more in taxes you’ll know it wasn’t because they were sarcastic. 

I’m sure if we give you your way, kill Trump, and replace him with your choices, we’ll know our government really cared about us. The American people. 

PS – if you want to dig into where the most horrific crimes against poverty, discrimination, bias, abuse took place in our history- check out which politician side was running the ship at that time.

There are endless pages of research, non-biased from Smithsonian to state archives to Wiki. But, you’ll have to shut off the TV and Facebook for a bit to check it out.

Research is more powerful when it’s facts and not peppered with triggers to get you all fired up about your rights. Open minds when you read derogatory headlines by bipartisan writers. Journalists and Marketing are two different styles of writing.

I know when I don’t like my CEO’s plan when I have a job to do, I must present a better one so that it may be considered or I go along with it. 

I don’t recall what our President haters have proposed to save America and our economy. I’d love for someone to share that plan. What is it? 

Please comment below. I’d love to hear the plan. How are you proposing we fix today, tomorrow and preserve the future for our children? How do helicopter moms relax?

You can’t criticize anything if you have no backup idea to replace it.

Otherwise, you all sound like spectators in the stands screaming at the refs. No one cares and you’re ruining the game for everyone. Use your energy to give a better plan.

Oh hey, Hecklers.

A real one. That works. That makes everyone safe, alive, untainted and able to age with dignity and respect. What is it? What’s the plan? I’m listening. 

Thanks for reading. And thanks for being so negative that it spurred my anger into a whole evening of creative writing which I love! Inspiration from the ashes


PS Why do so many people accept pee in pools? Bunch of turds.

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