Guns, Trump, #MeToo and knees. Why not? Let’s do this.

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I have a few things to say to anyone and everyone who is on one side or another of a very divided country.

You’re making us vulnerable to the entire world – or at least those who give a shit and are watching,  planning their attack.

Our global PR needs a major refresh and has for some time. The more we allow ourselves to lie, twist, fake news, attack, bully, become violent and go after our leadership – the more we end up getting more of what we have no understanding of – a deficit of American Pride.

We have all lived in a free country our entire lives. We don’t know what it’s like not to.

To us, freedom means snoozing an alarm or buying a beach house or being rich.

We say freedom also means speech and rights, but decided that is conditionally biased because only some of us can have that.

So…. Here’s a perspective from a woman who worked her ass off to get ahead without an lettered credentials or degrees. Who had a child alone in the 90’s before any government handouts or protection laws from domestic violence were in place to protect a minor. Who had some pretty shitty things happen that could possibly put her on a podium with a pink kitty eared hat if needed and yell #MeToo across the airwaves. But I won’t.

Humanity is too diverse to stand extremely on the far edge of one side or the other. You cannot take every personal experience and put it all in one bucket that attacks another large group of individuals. The hypocrisy of our media, Hollywood, politicians, family and neighbors today defies all logic.

Here’s the breakdown of jackasses we’ve become.

  1. #MeToo.  Yes. There’s alot of mean people out there. They will use their status to manipulate you, coerce you and threaten you. They will use their physical strength to hurt you, rape you, beat you and even kill you. It’s awful and scary.  Why have we decided it’s a woman versus man issue? How discriminating can we be? How do you justify the boys that get abused? The husbands who get murdered (Pick any Oxygen show for proof). How should my sons feel about this?

    Just one of women’s spokespersons for equality. Effin Great.

    My Husband? I would like to think my amazing, compassionate, kind husband who loves our three children (one I introduced to our relationship at the age of 9) would be pretty pissed that Madonna put her clothes back on and decided to attack every man who has ever lived because they are the reason everyone gets hurt. I’m not just picking on her – there’s a list of them on that podium of hypocrisy.

    It’s gender inequality.

Assholes know no gender. It’s behavior. Bad Behavior. Every race, gender, sexual orientation, culture or group has a percentage of assholes within them. Deal with them, not the entire group.

To try and say it’s women versus men is just wrong.

Think before you listen to this woman. She’s isn’t funny anymore.

Oh – and I could write a novel on the bad stuff I’ve seen and survived but the most hurtful, sad and self-esteem suckers of my teen years was how bad other girls treated me. Women are women’s worst enemy.  

You’d think that if we really were strong as women we’d quit judging each other, making fun of each other and trying to seduce husbands and what not. Shows you that people will overlook any major flaw to get more voters to forward their agenda.


2. Every single human being deserves to love and be loved in return. Each person should experience unconditional love by another person on this earth.  I don’t care how it all shakes out, it just needs to happen. That means people are healthy and secure enough to give and receive love. Feel security and trust. It’s the best feeling in the world to know you have it.

The point of human conception is perfectly imperfect. I love the PBS show that walks through every day of development during pregnancy. One day of development can change a person’s life forever. Physically, sexually and or biologically.

Every person should be able to grow up being the best version of themselves.

I am NOT saying Downs Syndrome and Transgender are the same. I am saying, that in a world where it’s a scientific fact that every woman carries eggs that are “X” chromosome – meaning female.. and every male carries “X” and “Y” sperm swimmers, why can’t it be possible that a person is born physically one gender but biologically feels like the other? Why can’t it be possible that a man is physically attracted to another man and vice versa? I do not believe it’s “their fault” or wrong. If two people find true love, who am I to decide it’s right or wrong?

Sidebar: Many people also freak out and have no idea how to interact with people who have mental or physical disabilities.  WHY? Get over it. Geesh.

America and our world is a very diverse place in every walk of life. And God is infallible. So let it go and let God. Just love.

Sidebar: The people out there going over the top, getting in faces and screaming to get attention for their life against the “norm” – how has anyone effectively changed the world by forcing people to accept it? You’re making it worse. Way worse. Whoever’s game plan was to force people who are uncomfortable to feel attacked and defensive is an idiot. All this does it prove their logic correct. You set us back every. single. time.

3. Guns. Safety. Skill. Sport. Period. There is nothing wrong with Americans and the right to bare arms. There is something wrong with psychologically warped idiots opening fire and killing people. Everyone agrees with that. I am sure that if profiling has been done on those shooters they would find common threads in their biology and psychology.  I’m assuming that they all were also throwing up warning signs we would’ve noticed if we weren’t so busy fighting about everything under the sun amongst ourselves and tracing who sold or provided the weapons.

Fine and incarcerate the source who issued the guns or left them unlocked. Do mental evals with every CCW. I don’t know – but don’t once again discriminate against an entire population because of a small percentage of idiots with bad behavior.

4. Immigration. I have no problem with people coming to America. Growing up, it was a cool thing to meet someone from another country. Here’s the problem – we have been so focused on fighting with one another that we have no idea who’s come here to improve their lives or destroy ours. And it’s funny that the same people discriminating against men, guns, our president and our country are anti-discriminating against the very people who are abusing our freedom we fought for to take fore their own.

Let me explain. If you go to France, do you try to learn French or do expect them to speak English? What about Japan? Russia? Mexico?  Dos Cervezas, por favor!

So why are we expected to provide translators everywhere? Why do we conform to them? I thought they came to our country, not the other way around. If you want us to act and pretend like we are in your country, then why did you leave it? Sure, we need translators in emergency work and schools to teach English while our new people acclimate, but they will acclimate. That is the American language and culture. We’ll help you learn it.

In America, we have a flag. It’s very important and has a long history that we fought to have. In your country, you have your flag. Heck, if you live here, it’s ok to honor your heritage and have it in your home that you pay for, but we ask that you honor ours publicly in our country – Just like everywhere else in the world.  I have Italian friends, Canadian friends and many with roots from countries everywhere. They were shirts and hats and whatever. That’s great. But at the end of the day, this is our country. Together. Honor it.

I don’t believe the stories of us ripping families apart near as much as I believe people will create sad stories to hit the human parts of people to let them slip by. Don’t believe me? Ask a war vet who saw people make their kids carry bombs or put grenades in baby diapers and passed them to a soldier. I’m not saying that is what happens at our border but I am saying that if you are claiming asylum and have children – you will get a DNA test and a Lie Detector test before you come over.

While you are here, you will have taxes deducted from your paychecks just like everyone else and you will be exempt from welfare unless you do. If you commit any crimes that involve drugs or violence, you will not be welcome back – ever. Done.

We can’t be gullible. Anyone is capable of anything when desperately selfish enough to get what they want. We have to protect that and find a system that weeds it out.

If you still don’t agree with me, please provide me your address. I will submit that neighborhood as a suggested refugee camp. I am sure you and your friends can help everyone get on their feet. Maybe set up a few tents in your back yard? Thanks!

5. “Take a knee” … to the face. Seriously. Are there bad cops? Yep. Are cops bad? Nope. Not at all. Once again – Bad behavior has resulted in discrimination against an entire group. And just like men, we need them to survive so quit pissing them all off.

We have to work together to get rid of corrupt and bad people in roles that can hurt the innocent.

Every single person out there protesting our law enforcement are going to be the first to call them when they need help. Think about that. Now, ask yourself what this country would be like without people protecting us from ourselves.

We definitely have to fight to get bad people out of positions that abuse other people. But that is a one by one group effort – not protesting the whole thing. You are ruining the stamina, heart and faith of every good cop out there and it’s a shame.

Plus – what if I showed up to work and punched the clock and protested? I mean, it had nothing to do with my job, but I decided to use my work time to do it.  What. The. Eff. That wouldn’t happen in the real world. I’d be fired.

If you want to protest, which is your right, try to be a little smarter about it. The only thing you’re sacrificing is the unity that kept this country safe together so you could be a rich athlete in the first place.

You know, I am really mad that in this day and age there is a lucrative human trafficking sex ring that steals children and young adults right off the street because sicko assholes pay and fund the market for it. I get physically ill thinking about someone taking a child – bike and all – so rich assholes can do whatever they want to them. But let’s not talk about that.

There’s alot of millionaires out there who feel like are struggling with injustice and have to steal all the fame and fortune away from the bigger issues.

Maybe while you’re on your knee you can see all the kids your height getting stolen and used. Every race and age. The cops could probably help, but they’re too busy keeping you protected when you leave the stadium and when Miley puts her pink pussy hat on.

6. Mr. Trump. I’ve said for years that I wish we could elect a business minded person to run our country like a company. Structure us with human resources, finance, benefits, education and training, strategy, marketing, public relations etc etc. I would say that every politician is just promoted from within because they brown nosed the right people.

Every have that “manager” that got there because of how many years they were there or they play golf with the boss and suck as a manager? Yeah, like that.

Well…I didn’t necessarily mean Donald Trump, but obviously we won the vote and fit what I was trying to say. He doesn’t owe anyone any favors and is calling BS to all things shady. He is strategic, networking and reading the room. The room being the globe. He is focused on the business side of our issues and protecting our country and the people who serve to protect it. If you look at the true facts – you can’t deny that.

Every political president did what they needed to get to the top and you didn’t care. Why? Why do we so quickly forget?

Why does Kathy Griffin get a pass for mocking a bloody decapitated head of our President yet NO ONE brings up all the income she gladly accepted from him while being on his reality show and promoting him before? Can’t anyone see publicity stunts that defile our country?



Be thankful you live in a country that lets you spit on it while you are more free than hundreds of other countries.  Be happy that no guerrilla soldiers will beat down your door, steal your kids to join their militia and do whatever they pleased to your body.

Be thankful no one has invaded us because we are so focused on war with ourselves. No Red Dawn here.

Be thankful we are not a socialist country. Just ask Venezuela how that worked out. Don’t believe me? Ponder this question: If every American won the lottery tomorrow, who would make your caramel macchiato with an extra shot and almond milk? Who would color your hair roots?

Why do you think it is ok for celebrities and athletes to publicly disrespect our president, our flag, our country, our God and our freedom for fame, laughs and a spot on talk shows that I won’t even name? I can bet you right now if we were invaded, our soldiers and law enforcement would be the first place you’d call. If we were on the Titanic, these “celebrities” would be the first ones to push you aside to take that lifeboat and let you drown. They don’t care about you. If they did, they wouldn’t be so out of touch with what it means to be American and have to work every day and fight to get ahead.

I am a compassionate conservative. I am a republican realist. I wish I could be called a republicrat but until they get real, I’m stuck on the side that seems way more factual and American.

If you hate everyone this badly – hate men, hate cops, hate specific races, hate guns, hate trying to get global peace and hate the truth – I don’t know what to do for you but pray. Cause we are all in jeopardy when you buy the hype.

Hopefully Google and Twitter and Facebook don’t bury this post.




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