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I am Woman, No Riots Necessary.

I wanted to put solid information out there for some calm thoughts to process during this wild storm of destruction. I believe this division is engineered and here's why. I agree a man can want to become a woman. I agree a woman can want to become a man. I agree a man can sometimes want to be a woman and sometimes not. I agree a woman can want to be a man sometimes and other times return to being a woman. I agree a man can want to be a man and prefer sex with other men. I agree a woman can want to be a woman and prefer sex with other women. I think that about covers the…
June 26, 2022
Pandemic Thoughts

Take Us to Your Leader

Usually, when communities across a country can organize and centralize within a day, there's a hierarchy of leadership. Just as armies form and infiltrate to use force as a means to demand control. Generals, captains, sergeants... Photo Credit - Dallas Morning Star Who is their leader? Our fellow US citizens are fighting, destroying, burning - basically shitting in our own bed - alongside strangers who showed up in their neighborhoods with pallets of bricks. It's assumed by all the people at home posting memes of solidarity on social media that the intention is to get a positive result of change, which one would assume in their minds is to achieve racial equality, justice for George Floyd. We can all get…
May 31, 2020
Pandemic Thoughts

The Great Hate Challenge

I have learned a lot about people socially during this Covidiocy we are in.  I see a lot of opposing views and comments on social media, always have. These days I wonder if the work or stay home stress is causing it to be so much angrier. I just can't these days.  I've begun socially distancing myself from social media for the sake of sanity. I only like social these days when I see what people are up to or sharing stories about their family or something they are proud of. Now that's about 1/3 of it. There's another 1/3 that are thoughts, memes, articles, or statements that align with me and validate I'm not alone. The remaining 1/3 are people…
April 25, 2020