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If you’re a buffalo, where you’re born determines your quality
of life.

I think they’re Bison, actually? Bison Wild Wings just doesn’t have that ring to it though.

If you’re born in Yellowstone, you’re only threat is
possibly getting struck by a car. Live long and Prosper.

If you’re born on a buffalo farm in Iowa, well, It may be tight spaces and facing a
midlife meat cleaver.

If you’re a cow born in India, you wear jewelry and have the
right of way on all streets. You’re cherished and sacred. 

Sidebar – There are more than 400 McDonald’s in India. How does that work? 

If you’re a cow born in America, you’re what’s for dinner.

And drink. And collagen. And rugs. It is what it is. Delicious.

And really cute acrylic art. Thanks,

Oh Hey, Pretty Piece of Meat begging for a little A1 sauce.

In either scenario, it’s not a plea for one way or the other being right. I eat meat.  The best bison burger I had was in Deadwood. And shout out to Rube’s steakhouse in Montour, Iowa. Try it, folks. Or invest in me running one like it on this side of the Mississippi.

No, the point is – they’re still cows. They’re still buffalo.  There is no difference in their appearance or needs. It’s just the humans within that zip codes decisions of what their purpose or value is.

The same works for humans. Depending on where you are physcially born and what the adults deem your purpose is crucial to your quality of life. 

You could be this four-year-old child, born into evil cruelty in Fairmont, WV. 


Sadly, there are thousands of these stories in every state. 

Or, you could be a four-year-old born to Hollywood. 

It’s all the luck of the draw really.

I could use more analogies – depending on what state you live in there’s differences in value on all sorts of things like what’s considered a crime, or what’s legal to put in your water supply,  access to a doctor, what age is statutory rape or even how many wives you’re allowed to have. 

Sidebar – isn’t it strange that no state allows you more than one husband.

Wouldn’t that be hilarious? But if they made a version of Sister Wives called Hubby Brothers …oh my gosh. Think about it, TLC. 

Every time a new baby is born they could invite Maury to the show and help with DNA season reveals. 

They could all spend their time on delegating the honey-do list and have drama when they argue over bigger construction projects or who’s under pressure because he hasn’t had an overnight in a week but she’s exhausted.

Ha. to the Ha. That’d be funny. Why doesn’t it happen? Polygamy legalities in certain places don’t ever mention gender rules. Do they?

At the end of the day, it’s looking thru that lense of how/where we as humans are born that makes changing the accepted quality of life a great effort, advocacy and support to achieve.

You know, like those movies we all love. Everyone loves the endearing stories of the underdog. 

Chicken Run. Boyz in the Hood, Shameless, The Color Purple, Ozark, Little Mermaid, The Help – insert hundreds of movies … the movies of struggle to overcome and become the hope for others and win awards for it. They stay with us and make us more aware and educated by hearing stories that connect with your emotions.

It’s also why we probably keep the Kardashians employed to maintain their lifestyle on our dimes. It lets us have raw peek into the top 1% of us with no real impactful skillset or talent. Yet another source of hope that we, too, could be them if we had money. Escape our own zip code reality for a while and see the other side. 

Just another day.

It’s all scale and using those empathy muscles.

My family circle conversations are like small business ideas and what we should do for Thanksgiving. Theirs are about attending fashion shows in Dubai and whether they should get Xrays to prove they don’t need butt implants to look that hot.

What if cows watched cows on TV?

Thanks for reading,




PS Side Rant:

There’s a thing called PPP. The economic theory of purchasing power parity (PPP) predicts that the price of a particular good should remain the same no matter where in the world it is sold. If we had one for American citizens, maybe we would clean up our streets and protect kids of every zip code.

You see the responsibility of having a platform yet use it
to influence beliefs based on learning them from the media you’ve consumed.
Maybe challenging your assumed enemies to a one on one streamed interview would
be more effective than spreading editorial stories about their values being
horrible for serious allegations about their character you heard online.

Have you ever spoken or researched the facts first?

I feel like that is unfair in a world of Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, RKelly and all the participants in the 1% that go unscathed because of influence we have those that have all heard those rumors stay tightlipped. I know they know that there are bad values and character against other humans ripe and more prevalent in the elite status celeb world. They keep quiet in hopes of getting the contracts, deals and whatever Hollywood fame they seek.

Use your platforms to pull that curtain on that. Before you accuse someone of being anti-gay or anti-race, please research it. Please ask them. Please use your elite contact list to leverage your position to have true conversations with people to not only set facts straight but could align your country and display your leadership skills.

Then, during the conversation, a compromise is committed to
that helps the majority.

Then get back to collaborating with some POS who makes a mean autotune mix.



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