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The Grace Collection – Jesus Art

The journey to spreading love and joy to others in artful repurposed ways continues for me. You're welcome. haha. All kidding aside, I reflect alot on what I'm drawn to and what I create to understand myself better. Similar to painting Sasquatch fun paintings and dissecting that, I truly enjoy making prayer candles out of thrifted shot glasses and making Jesus mirrors and wall out out of really cool frames and mirrors I find while on the shot glass hunt. It all came together for me! The Grace Collection. Over the years I've played with frames and mirrors for glass art, when it hit me that tying in the message of shot glasses could bring them to another level. Plus…
October 7, 2023
HeatherPandemic Thoughts

Giving Prayer a Shot

About a year or more ago, I realized I wasn’t showing gratitude to God as well as I was for a while and that perhaps that was the reason I was so miserable at work and regressing back into stress health issues. It hit me square in the face like, duh! I bought a traditional prayer candle and kept it front and center in my kitchen, which is open to the living room and where I spend most of my home time. It reminded me every time I was home that I needed to light it and say something. Anything. It made a difference. It brought me back into a regular, casual relationship with God that I thought I already…
April 30, 2023

What will you make?

I’ve changed a lot of ways I spend my time that I get to choose how to spend. As I get more and more aligned with letting a job be just that and seeing my youngest start learning to drive – I seem to have more time to determine what I do while it burns away anyway. Less people need me, I suppose. After I shake off that moment of sad realization, I quickly perk up realizing that it’s a fun time of deep exploration into myself and what I can do to heal from within and make really cool stuff happen with this increase of time that I find myself craving more and more of. Both my husband and…
December 23, 2021